Egypt: Trial of suspected homosexuals continues in Cairo

The second trial of 50 of the "Cairo 52" men continued in Cairo today. The 50 defendants include both those who were acquitted as well as those who were convicted in an earlier trial that ended November 14, 2001.
At today's hearing, Judge Hassan Al-Sayef took steps favorable to the defense. The Judge issued a summons to the police who were responsible for the Queen Boat arrests; at the next hearing, these police officers may be submitted to cross-examination for the first time. Judge Al-Sayef also approved a motion requesting daily records of 3 downtown police stations for the 5 days preceding the raid of the Queen Boat in the night of May 10/11, 2001. Defense attorneys have argued that proper arrest procedures had not been not followed, that the arrests had been made at random, and that charges had been fabricated by ambitious vice squad officers.
International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission
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International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission