We kindly ask Arab feminist and women's organizations, in particular ,and human rights organizations, in general, to sign on this declaration in solidarity with women protesters and activists in Egypt who are breaking the walls of silence and violence that engulf all our bodies and lives. No to exclusion and intimidation of women protesters in Egypt! To begin, we salute Egyptian women who did not remain silent about the flagrant violations they are suffering. Second, we extend our good wishes to the survivors and extend our total solidarity and support.

Since the start of the revolution, women protesters have suffered the worst types of violations and systematic sexual violence aiming to exclude them from the public space and from their right to effective political participation, and thus from the right to free expression ,engagement in the successive revolutionary waves, working towards changing their situation, and from demanding all their rights.

The signatories below, who also suffer the impact of the patriarchal society and its total strive to exclude women from political participation. We know that what happened to our sisters in Egypt are not individual incidents, but an approach of sexual terrorism that seeks to humiliate women and exclude them from Egypt's streets and squares.

We, women ,activists, and rights organizations in the region, add our voice to that of our sisters who stand alone in face of these vicious attacks, while political forces and revolutionary groups turn their back to the physical and moral bloodshed. More than 186 women were subjected to gang sexual harassment and rape in Tahrir Square and surrounding areas, in the period between June 30 and July 7, 2013. We also condemn the media blackout against sexual terrorism against Egyptian female demonstrators and the attempts by political forces to walk over our sisters' wounds to settle scores with the Muslim Brotherhood, which in turn unashamedly had used the attacks against its opponents.

Therefore, we call on national and revolutionary forces, political parties, and movements , especially the National Salvation Front and the Tamarrod movement to bear its revolutionary and national responsibility in placing this issue as a priority in the next phase. We stress our support to the join demands of several women's organization on 3 July 2013*, mainly:

-Egyptian authorities are responsible for investigating incidents of sexual assault and rape and guaranteeing that perpetrators are brought to justice

-Providing adequate, effective, prompt, and appropriate remedies, including the rehabilitation of survivors; which entails providing psychological care as well as legal and social services , according to international human rights law.

The Egyptian authorities must immediately bear its legal responsibility towards the survivors of sexual violence. Long live all those who survived harassment and all women who were steadfast and who courageously work towards exposing harassers and violators.


1. Kayan Feminist Organization – Haifa

2. Women Empowerment Organization – Iraq

3. Kaos Gay and Lesbian Cultural Research and Solidarity Association – Turkey Association Mauritanienne pour la Santé de la Mère et de l'Enfant- Mauritania

4. Social Development and Gender Equality Policies Center Association – Turkey Arab Women Organization – Jordan

5. Association el Amane pour le Développement de la Femme [El Amane Association for Development of Women] – Morocco

6. SOS Femmes en Détresse – Algéria

7. Muntada: The Arab Forum for Sexuality Education & Health -Palestine

8. Association Femmes Algériennes pour le Développement- Algeria

9. Association Tunisienne des Femmes Démocrates - Tunisia

10. Federation de la Ligue Demorcatique des Droits des Femmes – Ouarzazate - Morocco

11. Women Democratic Gathering –lebanon

12. The Palestinian Feminist Forum – Haifa, Palestine

13. Association Nationale Femmes en Communication

14. Union of Palestinian Women Committees- Palestinian

15. Adala Center for Human Rights – Saudi Arabia

16. TOBE for Rights and Freedoms – Yemen

17. Royaa For Feminist Studies – Sudan

18. Nisaa and Watan Association – Tunis

19. Horiya Center for Democracy and Human Rights – Egypt

20. Algerian' Women Demanding their Right- Algeria

21. Omani Group for Human Rights – Oman

22. Bahrain Center for Human Rights – Bahrain

23. Moswa Organisation- Syria

24. Sawtalniswa Community

25. Project for Documentation and presentation of Egyptian women's stories- Egypt

26. Nasawiya Collective – Lebanon

27. Kafa (enough) Violence and Exploitation- Lebanon

28. Collective for Research on Development Action- Lebanon

29. Together We Build It / Libya

30. Women's committee in the union of Yemen Sons-Adan- Yemen

31. Baghdad's Women Association- Iraq

32. Institute for Women's Studies- BerZeit University- Palestine

33. Uprising of Women in The Arab World

34. Center for Women's Legal Research and Consulting - Gaza /Palestine

35. Women's Affairs Center - Gaza /Palestine

36. Filastinyat / Palestine

37. Woman Choufouch / Morocco

38. Al Mara'a Qadiat Watan / Jordan

39. The Yemeni Feminist Movement / Yemen

40. Center for Feminist Studies- Palestine

41. Women Human Rights Defenders- Morocco

42. Democratic Women's association – Morocco

43. Aquarium Theater – Morocc0

44. Syrian Women's Network- Sweden

45. Cultural Resource Association

46. Association for Women's Rights in Development ( AWID)

47. Women's Mediterranean fund - Middle east

48. Women's Learning and Partnership Organization

49. No Honor in Crime – Jordan

50. Janobiya Horra Association - Aswan- Egypt

51. Zoqaq Cultural Association- Lebonan

52. Legal Agenda- Lebanon

53. Bayhiya ya Masr Movement- Egypt

54. Women for Women Human Rights- New Ways – Turkey

55. Assiwar - The Feminist Arab Movement in Support of Victims of Sexual Assault;

56. Amal Femmes en Mouvement Pour un Avenir Meilleur

57. Union de L'Action Feminine [Union for Feminine Action] – Morocco

58. Sosyalist Kadın Meclisleri [Socialist Women's Councils] – Turkey

59. Coalition for Sexual and Bodily Rights in Muslim Societies (CSBR) – Regional Turkish Women Organısm - Turkey

60. Syrian Women League – Syria

61. Coalition for Women of Tunisia – Tunisia

62. Fe-male Organization-Lebanon

63. Signatures of Kurdish woman organizations which are members of Democratic Free Woman Movements(DOKH)

64. Democratic Society Congress (DTK) Woman Assembly

65. peace and demacrayc party( bdp woman assembly)

66. berfin woman center

67. dersim life woman center

68. binaevş woman center

69. jinwar woman center

70. maya woman center

71. iştar woman center mizgin woman center

72. nujiyan woman center

73. nujen woman center

74. peljin woman center

75. gülşilaw woman center

76. sitiya zin woman centermeya woman centerkardelen woman center

77. berjin amara kadin woman center

78. ekin ceren woman center

79. urfa life house center

80. woman support center (kadem)woman education -psychological ve

81. rehabilitation center (epidem)

82. gökkuşaği woman associationkibele woman association

83. batman selis woman association

84. diyarbakir selis woman association

85. ergani selis woman association

86. zilan woman association

87. ceren woman association

88. adiyaman life center association

89. kibele woman association

90. van municipality woman issues researc center (vakasum)

91. diyarbakir metropolitian woman issues researc center (dikasum)

92. baglar woman cooperative

93. Social Forum - Lebanon

94. Women Against Violence Organization – Palestine

95. Salma- Network of Women Against Violence in the Arab Region

96. Iranian women rights activists endorsing the statement 

97. Women Living Under Muslim Laws International Solidarity Network



1. Azadeh Faramarziha

2. Zeynab Alsadat Peyghambarzadeh

3. Raha Askarizade

4. Nikzad Zangeneh

5. Mahboubeh Abbasgholizadeh

6. Rezvan Moghaddam

7. Kaveh Kermanshah

8. Nahid Mirhaj

9. Leila Asadi

10. Masoumeh Zamani

11. Sima Hosseinzadeh

12. Ali Abdi

13. Ayda Abrufarakh

14. Mona Mohamadzade

15. Maryam Ahari,

16. Elahé Chokraie

17. Nayereh Tohidi

18. Maryam Rahmani

19. Firoozeh Mohaje

20. ,Ehtram Shadfar

21. Arsalan Kahnemuyipour

22. Kaveh Rezaei

23. Razi Razavi

24. Mali Ansary

25. Mitra Saffari

26. Mehri Malaekeh

27. Maryam Zandi

28. Raha Bahrein

29. Haydeh Tabesh

30. Sarah Arshadi

31. Mani Arshadi Shamsi

32. Farnaz Kamal

33. Soudeh Rad

34. Osez Le Féminisme

35. Sabri Najafi

36. Sholeh Irani

37. Magazine Avaye Zan,

38. Fataneh Farahani

39. Saghar Qyasi

40. Parvin Ardal,

41. Sahar Sadjadi

42. Amir Yaghoubali

43. Leyli Behbahani

44. Khadijeh Moghadda

45. , Nariman Rahimi

46. Mahboubeh Mohebbi

47. Fatemeh Masjedi

48. Nahid Jafari

49. Delaram Ali

50. Elnaz Ansari

51. Ensieh Salmani

52. Sabra Rezae

53. Niloofar Ensan

54. Hoda Aminian

55. Roja Bandari

56. Hamideh Nezami