UPDATE: Pakistan: Teenage girl abducted, raped and disrobed

Women Action Forum (WAF) and Joint Action Committee (JAC) Karachi have organized a number of demonstrations and press conferences to draw government’s attention towards the issue of the ordeal faced by Ms. Nasima Labano, who was abducted, raped and forced to parade naked in January 2007.
To further build pressure JAC (Karachi) has also issued press statements which were widely covered by the media in Sindh. They had facilitated Nasima Labano’s family in obtaining shelter in a house located in Police Head Quarters in Karachi which the family recently had to vacate due to floods in Balochistan and Sindh province as the police authorities required the place for officials shifting from flood hit areas. Due to the continued solidarity efforts of WAF & JAC the family of Nasima Labano were able to secure a small living area provided by a private individual.

In order to provide security to Nasima and her family WAF & JAC are continuing to build pressure and trying to hold meetings with the Sindh government to arrange for proper and permanent shelter for Nasima and her family. They are also looking at employment options for her family’s survival.

WAF & JAC have also contributed monetary assistance for the survivor’s family in order to maintain their livelihood this includes provision of food supplies. The case has now been taken up by a human rights activists/lawyer for transferring from District Ghotki to Karachi where the family in now living.

16-year-old girl Ms. Nasima was resdient in Habib Labano village, Langho Union Council, Ubaro Town, Ghotki district, Sindh province, Pakistan. On 27 January 2007, she was abducted along with her mother Ms. Zareena from her home by 11 persons living in the same village. They include Mr. Abdul Sattar Labano, Mr. Moor Zado, Mr. Abdul Jabbar, Mr. Munawar Hussian, Mr. Mohammad Anwar Hussain Labano, Mr. Khadim Hussain Labano, Mr. Ali Hassan, Mr. Shah Baig and Mr. Shabeer Loung. Mr. Abdul Sattar Labano is the father of Mr. Mohammad Anwar Hussain Labano and the other perpetrators are their close relatives.

The girl was then taken to the house of one local influential person namely Mr. Abdul Sattar Labano. The mother was released, while the girl was taken into a room. According to the girl, she was first raped by Mr. Mohammad Anwar Hussain Labano and then by his father Mr. Abdul Sattar Labano before she was fainted. She does not clearly remember what happened to her after that. Meanwhile, the girl's mother shouted for help outside the house and several women and men gathered upon hearing her cry. The group shouted and knocked on the door loudly. Afraid that the police might arrive the perpetrators became scared and kicked the naked girl outside the house. When they found no police outside, the perpetrators rudely forced the girl to parade naked through her village.

Shirkat Gah / WAF