Tunisia: Aya Chebbi Wins Excellence in Leadership Award.

We are delighted to announce that Aya Chebbi has won this year’s Excellence in Leadership award from the African Viewpoint Journal. This was granted on 19 January 2015, and is part of their Africa Youth Awards.


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Aya Chebbi, Tunisian activist and blogger and WLUML networker has been recently named as one of the winners of the Africa Youth Awards, in the 'Excellence in Leadership' category.

In December 2013, Aya participated in the WLUML-WELDD workshop on public and political participation in Cairo. Not only has Aya garnered a huge following online, but she is also the founder of the African Youth Movement, a social movement that strives for the development of African youths.  She has also made waves through her Voice of Women Initiative (VOW), which she co-founded with Konda Delphine (Cameroon) and Rose Wachuka (Kenya).  VOW collects stories from women and about women all around the globe in a bid to inspire and change lives.  Aya has dedicated herself to increasing social and political rights, working in refugee camps in Libya, and as an election monitor in countries across the African continent. 

Watch this space for an in-depth interview with Aya, but in the meantimes our warmest congratulations to Aya for this well deserved accolade.