Kaolisi NGO HAM (Coalition of Human Right Organizations in Aceh)

Koalisi NGO HAM is a network of NGOs that are active in the area of human rights advocacy. Their vision is to create a civil society to appreciates humanitarian values, social justice, gender equality and democracy. Their mission is to foster social awareness regarding respect for human rights in Aceh, to research and collate data on human rights abuses, to conduct campaigns against human rights abuses, to provide assistance to victims of human rights abuses by means of litigation and non-litigation, and to pressure both central and local governments to accept responsibility for violence, for rehabilitation of victims of human rights abuses and for payment of compensation of victims. Koalisi NGO HAM is a local ally to WLUML and the SKSW Campaign in advocating against the newly passed Qanun Jinaya (which expands the range of violent punishments for alleged moral and sexual trangressions, including stoning to death for ‘adultery’) in the Aceh Legislative Council. Address: Jl. Sudirman No. 11-4, Geuceu Kayee Jato, Banda Aceh, NAD, 23239 Tel: 0651-41998 Fax: 0651-47839