Kyai Hussain is one of a few religious leader who fights against the injustice against women. He promotes the needs of reinterpretation of religious text, both Koran and hadith, especially those create subordination and oppression of women. He believes that the only way for holy books is referred as guidance is by reinterpreting it in accordance with current context. Kyai Hussain is a lecturer as well as care taker in Dar al-Tauhid Arjawinangun, a religious school in Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia. He also one of the commissioner in National Commission of Elimination of Violence Against Women. He wrote and publish many books, like Dawrah Fiqh Perempuan; Spirituality of Humanity: Islam Pesantren Perspective ; Islam A Friendly Religion: Plea of Kyai Pesantren (On women's status in Islam according to the Koran and hadith.); Women Fiqh: Reflection on Religion and Gender Discourse;