Solidaritas Perumpuan (SP)

SP is an organization concerned with women’s rights and empowerment (in the Muslim contexts). It carries out research on the impact of fundamentalist movements on national and local policies, Syariah laws and regulations that discriminate against women, and the impact of these on women lives. SP disseminates information to the wider community, especially in the South Sulawesi region, about the situation of women living under the regional Syariah regulations. They publish research findings and organise discussions. Solidaritas Perempuan also co-launched the SKSW sister campaign in Indonesia in 2008 entitled “Stop the Criminalization and Inhuman Punishment of Women Campgaign”: Building the Capacities of Grassroots Women on Women’s Rights and Fundamentalism. SP is also part of the Women’s Empowerment in Muslim Contexts (WEMC) consortium in Indonesia. The national office is located in Jakarta, but there are regional offices also located in Aceh, Palembang, Bojonegoro, Kinasih, Jabodetabek, Angging Mamiri, Kendari, Hammer, Sumbawa, and Mataram.

Tel. (62-21) 79181260, 7987976