دعت جماعة إسلامية كندية في أوتاوا الى منع ارتداء النقاب في الأماكن العامة. وقد ذكر مؤسس الجماعة طارق فتاح ان هذه الدعوة تهدف إلى أغراض أمنية. وأكد فتاح أنه تمت سرقة بنك عن طريق أناس يرتدون النقاب. ووصف ارتداء النقاب بأنه "مجازفة حقيقية". وذكر أن القرآن الكريم يدعو الى الاحتشام، الا انه لا يحتوي على كلمة واحدة تدعو الى تغطية الوجه. واضاف أن "ارتداء النقاب ما هو الا عرف قبلي يروج له الارهابيون من القاعدة وطالبان".

The leader of a polygamous community in western Canada who has admitted having numerous wives and dozens of children was arrested Wednesday [7 Jan. 2009] and charged with practicing polygamy, according to court documents and local officials.
The polygamous communities of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) - a branch of Mormonism - have openly practiced forced and underage marriages, incest, and abuse for decades. Under the clause of 'religious freedoms', however, this practice has been permitted to continue in the Canadian province of British Columbia and lengthy court cases have been further delayed by repeated appointments of special investigators.
An ex-husband is challenging a Canadian Supreme Court judgment that has been heralded as a major boost in the global cause for Jewish women's stronger religious divorce rights. The woman in the case doesn't think he has a chance.
Polygamous Muslims in Ontario receive benefits, although polygamy is officially illegal in Canada.
Un homme de 57 ans a été arrêté dans la région de Toronto pour avoir tué sa fille de 16 ans qui refusait, selon ses amis, de porter le hidjab, a annoncé la police.
16 year old Aqsa Parvez was killed by her father on 10 December, allegedly for not wearing a veil.
An interview with director Zarqa Nawaz ("Me and the Mosque", "BBQ Muslims", etc.) on her new television series, "Little Mosque on the Prairie".
"Journaliste britannique capturée par les talibans en 2001, Yvonne Ridley s'est convertie à l'islam en prenant fait et cause pour ses ravisseurs, ce qui évoque étrangement le syndrome de Stockholm."
Un village mormon de Colombie-Britannique la pratique ouvertement et des études suggèrent de légaliser ce type d'union.
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