UN: Security Council Resolution 1483 on Iraq

NGO WG on Women, Peace and Security
Includes a reference to Security Council Resolution 1325 in the preamble.
Having the mention of the resolution on women, peace and security in the preamble is a concession by the authors that equates to little more than a pat on the head for advocates for the active implementation of UNSC Resolution 1325.

Throughout the period of language negotiations on this resolution and the concurrent "securing and reconstructing" of Iraq by the US-led Coalition, the NGO Working Group formulated the following statement, which was sent to all Security Council members, as well as to many UN staff.  Concerned with the sponsors' lack of gender perspective, including the acknowledgment of the need for women's active participation in the creation of their society, as well as the resolution's lack of a predominant role for the United Nations in the reconstruction of Iraq, the NGO WG on Women, Peace and Security, which includes Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, has released this statement.