UPDATE: Iran: Khadijeh Moghaddam released from prison

Khadijeh Moghaddam member of the Mother’s Committee of the One Million Signatures Campaign, and a member of Mothers for Peace, was released on the afternoon of Wednesday April 16, after spending nine days in detention.
Moghaddam was arrested last week after security police forcibly entered her home. She spent seven days in solitary confinement at Vozara detention center. Originally a bail amount of 100 million tomans (roughtly $110,000) was issued for her release. But on Tuesday April 15th, this amount was reduced to a third party guarantee, after which she was transferred to Evin prison.

Moghaddam was originally supposed to be released on April 15th, after her third party guarantor completed all the necessary court documents for her release. Her friends and family members, as well as members of the Campaign, spent the night of April 15th in front of Evin Prison, hoping for her release. Family members had been informed by Khadijeh Moghaddam herself that she had been transferred to Evin prison, when she called home to inform them of her whereabouts. After waiting until 10pm in front of Evin prison, her friends and family finally gave up and returned home, only to start their official inquiries anew the next day. On Wednesday April 16th, upon inquiries, Moghaddam’s family members were told by court officials that the order for her release was not issued in time. As such, she was transferred to Evin’s public ward, where she spent one night and her release was pushed back to April 16th.

In repeated interrogations sessions, the special court investigator of the security branch of the Revolutionary Courts, charged Moghaddam with actions against national security, disruption of public opinion, and propaganda against the state, through the convening of gatherings related to the Campaign in her private home. While it is customary to transfer individuals for whom a temporary arrest order has been issued to Evin’s public ward, Khadijeh Moghaddam spent seven days in temporary custody, under very difficult circumstances in Vozara Detention Center. During this time, she was deprived of access to her lawyers or visits with her family members.

On Sunday of this same week a group of women’s rights activists, including members of the One Million Signatures Campaign, visited with Khadijeh Moghaddam’s family. During this visit, Moghaddam’s family and friends emphasized the illegal nature of her arrest and expressed their solidarity for Moghaddam and her activities in support of women’s rights, and the One Million Signatures Campaign.

Women Living Under Muslim Laws welcomes the news of Khadijeh's release but continues to deplore the treatment of peaceful human rights defenders in Iran.

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