UPDATE: Pakistan: Mukhtar Mai's case adjourned for third time in a month

With clear evidence of political interference in Ms Mai's case it is uncertain when her case will be heard again, and her legal team are only advised in the last minute by the judiciary. Please see the letter of thanks for the support Ms Mai and her family have received:
"Dear Friends –

"We return to you with another update from Mukhtar Mai. Yesterday March 4, 2009, her case before the Supreme Court of Pakistan was adjourned for the third time with a month. Our sincere thanks for your immediate responses and support. We believe they truly made a difference.

"We are doing our best to operate within an unpredictable system. Not only was there good indication that there was political interference in her case, but the judiciary has extremely complicated and erratic procedures. We do not know when her case will be heard again, as we ourselves find out only at the eleventh hour. This volatile situation may require us to call for your quick action again in the future.

"One thing we are certain of - the highest levels of government heard the international community’s support for Mukhtar Mai and cries for judicial independence in her case. However, we remain concerned about the security of Mukhtar, her family and colleagues, and we continue to wait for appropriate measures and assurances from the government.

"Thanks again for your support."

Mukhtar Mai Women's Welfare Organization

WLUML Networkers