Egypt: The first anniversary of 'Egypt's Black Referendum Day'

The Egyptian Center for Women's Rights
On this first anniversary of Egypt's Black Referendum Day, we remember the abuses of freedom, the assault and sexual harassment of female journalists and activists who believe in the ideals of freedom, democracy and political reform in Egypt.
Although all these abuses against the activists - male and female - were committed by state security on this black day, the Attorney General set aside the investigations of complaints from the female activists and prioritized the trials of criminals, which led to more abuses and aggressions.
To mark this day, the Egyptian people wore red and black clothing. Red symbolized the revolution and continuing the Egyptian people's struggle to preserve their freedoms of opinion, expression and peaceful assembly guaranteed in our constitution. Black represented the abuses, beatings and arrests - that occurred and still occur - of activists demanding true democracy, reform and an independent judiciary, rather than empty symbols.

ECWR remembers this day and we demand reopening the investigation into the abuses, as well as releasing the male and female activists who are bring detained for their solidarity with the judges.