Iraq: Iraqi Women Network discusses the situation of women in Iraq

Iraqi Women Network
Iraqi Women Movement Round table discussion with Representatives of the International Diplomatic missions in Baghdad, Monday June 23rd, 2008.
In partnership with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Iraq programme, and in continuation of the parallel efforts of Iraqi Women Movement call for equal partnership role of civil society and women groups to Iraqi government according to International Compact with Iraq (ICI), a round table discussion attended by 25 participants, was arranged on the situation of women in Iraq, reflecting political, community, and economical concerns and analysis, identifying needs to build a sustainable peace, rebuilding Iraq, as well as working to improve security and performance of government institutions and legislations, aiming at encouraging International Support for Iraqi women participation in the Transitional Process to Democracy.
The Round table was attended by Eighteen Representatives of the International Diplomatic Missions in Baghdad: EU, EU JUSTLEX, UK Embassy, US Embassy, Dutch Embassy, Japanese Embassy, Italian Embassy, UN Country team, and UNAMI Human Rights Office in Baghdad.

The following representatives from the Iraqi women’s movement included:

Minister Narmin Othman, MP Maysoon AlDamluji, MP ALA Talabani, President’s Advisor on women issues Salma Jaboo, Iraqi Women Network (IWN) Hanaa Edwar, and Basma Al-Khateeb from Iraqi AlAmal Association, gave their review on:

1. Iraqi political scene analysis/developments (Security improvement, complications resulting from disagreement between political stakeholders on the following issue: Article 140 in the constitution and Kirkuk issue, Constitutional Revisions, reassignment of a new government , provinces elections law, Fall behind of Reconstruction programmes and public services in addition to spreading financial and administrative corruption in government institutes),

2. Provinces’ Elections Law, coming general elections and women quota,

3. Iraqi Women Movement concerns over Constitution Revision, and article 41 in the constitution, increasing division of the country, fuel sectarianism and undermine the principle of equality before the law and women’s human rights,

4. Increasing Violence against Women

5. Support for Civil Society in Iraq, urging Iraqi government to adopt the Non Governmental Organizations law draft,

6. The role Iraqi women play in building peace, security, and national dialogue, as expressed in UN Security Council resolution 1325 where the Security Council calls on all actors to ensure the protection of and respect for human rights of women and girls, particularly as they relate to the constitution, the electoral system, the police and the judiciary.

The representatives of the International agencies and diplomatic missions expressed their understanding to the concerns and the demands of the Iraqi Women and assured submitting the recommendations to their governments, welcoming further meetings.

June 2008

Source: Iraqi Women Network