Sri Lanka: Cabinet approves proposal of Reforms to Muslim matrimonial law

MWRAF & LankaWeb
The Cabinet has approved a proposal by the Minister of Justice and Law Milinda Moragoda to bring in certain reforms to the Muslim personal law and to uplift the system of Quazi courts and enhances the knowledge of Quazis.
Quazis are appointed under section 12 (I) for the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Registration Ordinance No. 13 of 1951 – They are appointed by the Judicial Services Commission as they are deemed to be judicial officers and the functions they carry out are judicial function. After having extensive discussions with several eminent Muslims it was acknowledged that certain reforms to the Muslim personal law was urgently needed.
The Minister in this regard had sought Cabinet approval to appoint a committee consisting of 16 experts from all three communities, Muslims, Tamils and Sinhalese to propose reforms to the Muslim Matrimonial Law and the system of Quazi Courts.

The Members of the appointed committee is, Justice Saleem Marsoof, P.C., Judge of the Supreme Court, Justice A.W.A. Salam, Judge of the Court of Appeal, Mr. Suhada Gamalath, Secretary to the Ministry of Justice and Law Reform, Mr. Shibly Azeez, P.C., former Attorney General, Mr. Faisz Muzthapha, P.C., former Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, Professor Sharya Scharenguivel, Excutive Director for Centre for Human Rights Studies., Mr. Mohamed Mackie, District Judge, former Assistant Secretary to the Judicial Service Commission, Mr. S.M.A. Jabbar, former Chairman of the Board of Quazied, Dr. M.A.M. Shukri, Former Director, Jamiah Naleemiah, Ash-Sheik Mohomead Magdoom Ahmad Mubarak, former President Jamiathul Ulama, Ash-Sheik Mohummad brahim Mohummad Rizwe Mufthi, President of Jamiathul Ulama, Deshabandu Mrs. Jezeema Ismail, Member of the National Committee on Women and Human Rights Commission, Mrs. Shermila Rasool, National Project Coordinator, Access to justice Project, UNDP, Mr. Rasmara Abdeen, Attorney at Law, Mrs. Safana Gul Begum, Attorney at Law and Member of the Muslim Women’s Research and Action Forum, Mrs. Fazlet Shahabdeen, Attorney at Law, and Ms. Dilhara Amerasinghe, Additional Secretary and Mr. A.K.D.D. Arandara, Assistant Secretary to the Ministry are to be appointed as joint secretaries to the committee.

Two of the members in the Committee are from the Muslim Women's Research and Action Forum (MWRAF) - Jezima Ismail and Safana Gul Begum

July 17th, 2009

Source: LankaWeb