Israel: CIHRS says UN must conduct investigation over aid flotilla attacks

The Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies

The Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies called upon the United Nations to conduct immediate investigations that would comply by international law standards in relation to the appalling attacks that Israel committed against the humanitarian aid flotilla.

 At the same time, the Cairo Institute also emphasizes the need to end such impunity that encourages the Israeli government to continuously commit crimes against international humanitarian law. Furthermore, it is imperative that Israel abides by the Goldstone report recommendations in regards to the war crimes and the crimes against humanity that it committed during the last Gaza War.

The joint intervention was presented to the United Nations 14th Human Rights Council on the morning of June 2, 2010, in collaboration with the Al Haq Palestinian organization as well as several Palestinian organizations that are members of the Palestinian Human Rights Council.

 Spearheaded by its Geneva office, the Cairo Institute requested for a special session at the Human Rights Council in order to discuss the consequences of this atrocious attack.

 In follow up to the international level reactions, the Cairo Institute welcomes the European Union's condemnation of the Israeli crimes and its requests for an international neutral investigation. Furthermore, the Cairo Institute deeply values the French recommendation that the European Union be the one to conduct the investigations.

 The French recommendation's clear value is derived from the Security Council's resolution stating that investigations be conducted in an urgent, impartial, and transparent manner. Unfortunately, the resolution did not clarify who would initiate the investigations. Furthermore, the United States abstained from voting, even though the resolution did not directly mention Israel. As expected, the United States also encouraged for Israel to launch its own investigations into the matter.

 The Cairo Institute unfortunately notices the American administration's continuous policy over not holding Israel accountable for its actions and crimes. This policy has led Israel to not take the recommendations of the Goldstone report seriously, and thus, such impunity allow it to continuously go against all forms of international law, and go unpunished for its crimes.

 On the other hand, the Cairo Institute welcomes the Egyptian president's decision to open the Rafah border crossing and hopes that this is a step towards keeping the crossing open. By doing so, this would ensure the Gazan's right in movement and collaboration with the international world, while at the same time, and as requested by the Cairo Institute, the allowance of humanitarian aid to flow to the Palestinian people through Egyptian lands.