Pakistan: Shirkat Gah joins protests against killing of Ahmedis in Lahore and Karachi

Shirkat Gah

Shirkat Gah staff and network members participated in protests against killing of 95 innocent Pakistani who lost their lives in attacks on two mosques of the Ahmedi community on Friday, May 28th. These demonstrations took place on Monday, 31 May, 2010 and included a candle light Vigil at the Liberty Roundabout in Lahore and a protest by WAF and JAC members at the Press Club Karachi.

Protesters carried banners and placards with messages condemning the violence against religious minorities of Pakistan and demanded the state to protect the lives and provide security to its citizens. Over 600 members of civil rights organizations, singers and students participated in the protest demostrations to pray for the victims and show solidarity with their families.

Shirkat Gah condemns the brutality against Ahmadis at the Lahore Press Club

The Joint Action Committee for People’s Rights (JAC) condemned the act of terrorism where 95 Pakistani’s lost their lives in Lahore on 28 May 2010. JAC held a press conference at the Lahore press club on Saturday, 29 May 2010 where members of the civil society across Lahore including Shirkat Gah, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), Simorgh, South Asia Partnership (SAP -Pk ) and Women’s Action Forum (WAF) attended.

Hina Jilani (HRCP), Muhammad Tehseen (SAP), Khawar Mumtaz (Shirkat Gah) and Madiha Gohar (Ajoka theatre) expressed their solidarity with the families of the victims and demanded the state provide foolproof security to all its citizens including religious minorities from terrorism acts by religious extremist elements.

Khawar Mumtaz urged civil society organizations to express solidarity with the Ahmedi community and demanded that the government should take serious actions against all those spreading hate and violence against Ahmadis.

At this press conference the Joint Action Committee shared a statement condemning this incident and demanding the state to fulfill its responsibility to provide its citizens security irrespective of religious or a minority status in Pakistan.

We urge to the sections of the civil society that have been sympathetic to militants to raise their voice at this inhuman act and express solidarity with Ahmadi community.


Joint Action Committee for People’s Rights (JAC) strongly condemns this act of terrorism against innocent and defenseless Ahmadi Pakistanis in Lahore yesterday. This is the latest in a series of vicious and devastating attacks on Ahamdis who are particularly targeted with hatred. The Perpetrators have complete impunity to kill citizens and minorities.

We see this as a total failure of government to protect and safeguard its citizens. We are angered and horrified government’s inaction despite credible intelligence reports, repeated requests and reminders from the Ahmadis and civil society groups to provide security to them.

We are also deeply concerned at the increasing militant attacks by members of one sectarian group against all others and consider these as threats to the entire society. We show full solidarity with families and relatives of those who were injured and killed in the barbaric terrorist attacks and demand that the government must provide foolproof security to all its citizens.

The governments’ apathy and criminal negligence in probing and arresting the culprits in the recent terrorists incidents especially in Gojra, has encouraged the terrorist in our country and increased insecurity of all citizens.

We demand an immediate and independent enquiry into why necessary security measures were not taken on the intelligence reports and the findings of such enquiry should be made public. We also demand that the government should share all the details about the militant outfits and forces involved in such terrorist acts and those that harbor or support such forces.