Egypt: Launch for Changing Masculinities, Changing Communities

WLUML Networkers

We are pleased to announce the blog launch for Changing Masculinities, Changing Communities. The blog is an activity pertaining to the project implemented by The Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI) in cooperation with the Danish Center for Information on Gender, Equality and Ethnicity (KVINFO) in 2010 titled Changing Masculinities, Changing Communities, facilitating the meeting of a group of Egyptian and Danish activists, artists, academics and social workers in Cairo and Copenhagen whose work involves an exploration and awareness of masculinity as a crucial factor in the construction of social relations and its impact on communities. 

Please join us and share in the discussions with your personal experiences as men and women in Egypt and Denmark, Europe and the Arab World in dealing with masculinity issues and to reflect on the question; To what extent are usual image(s) of masculinity affecting men’s and women’s images of themselves and society?  

To register please visit: