France/Iran: Solidarity demonstration for Sakineh Mohammadi Ashanti

I am pleased to inform you that the protest held in Paris for Sakineh Mohammadi Ashanti on Saturday August, 2010 was a real success. Hundreds of protesters attended the protest at Place du Trocadero, in order to express their full support for Sakineh and their anger against the barbaric practice of stoning. This included various media, organizations, deputies, writers, artists and philosophers.

Yamina Benguigui Director and Deputy Mayor of Paris demonstrated her support by stating: "We will never abandon you, as a Muslim and in this holy month of Ramadan, I strongly condemn the extremists who demean women."
Daniel Salvatore Schiffer, author of "End executions by stoning!" highlighted that the protest was not only in the name of Sakineh, but in the name of all Iranian women whose dignity has been violated and whose lives have been and continue to be threatened in the name of honour.

Lillian Kandel reminded the audience of the "One Million Signatures" petition campaign, which has so far received 50,000 signatures including those of French intellectuals.

Sisters in Solidarity member, Anna Pak, declared Sakineh as a symbol and outlined the expectations of the Iranian people who expect nothing from policies but rather expect and rely on support from civil societies and the media.

By Samia Allalou