Pakistan: Women Human Rights Defenders Day marked in Lahore

The Nation & Daily Times

South Asia Partnership Pakistan (SAP) in collaboration with Women Workers Help Line, Kashf Foundation and Shirkat Gah organised a walk in solidarity with the women rights activists outside Lahore Press Club on Monday. 

A large number of activists of women NGOs participated in the walk to mark the international day for women rights activists. They were holding placards and banners inscribed with the slogans to end violence against women and honour killing. They also chanted slogans for their rights. 

They demanded equal economic opportunities to the women so they could save their rights. They said women were being exploited by their families in the name of values. The activists urged media and civil society to launch an awareness campaign to end the violence against women.

LAHORE: Different non-governmental organisations got together for the International Women Human Rights Defenders Day. Shirkat Gah and South Asia Partnership (SAP) Pakistan organised a solidarity walk at the Lahore Press Club on Monday.

Dozens of other women rights activists from all over Punjab also participated in the walk. The day is celebrated in connection to the ‘16 Days of Activism’ to reject and prevent violence against women. 

Talking to Daily Times, SAP Media Coordinator Farzana Mumtaz said, “We are paying tribute to the defenders of women’s rights. Pakistan is not only facing violence against women, but also the people who are working for women rights have also been under pressure. We want to create an atmosphere where every person should live freely.” 

Talking about the blasphemy law, she said that every anti-human law must be eliminated from Pakistan. “We would try our best to eliminate these types of laws from our society. We as women human rights defenders, peace activists, human rights advocates, feminists, young and old, around the world, should speak out against all forms of violence and commit ourselves to the values of equality and peace.”


Published: November 30, 2010

Photo credit: The Nation