Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings Online

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October 11th 2013
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A paper from the Seventh EU Anti-Trafficking Day, Vilnius, Lithuania, October 18, 2013 
“Exploring the Links between the Internet and Trafficking in Human Beings: 
Cyberspace for Prevention, not Recruitment” (Donna M. Hughes, Professor, University of Rhode Island)

The report is European Union-focused but the topics discussed might apply to other contexts
The report includes:
Trafficking in Human Beings in the European Union
- Use of Communications Technologies for Human Trafficking
- Use of Digital Technologies for Trafficking for Forced Labor
- Use of Digital Technologies for Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation
- Investigation and Prosecution: Digital Forensics
- Combating Child Sexual Exploitation Online
- Prevention of Human Trafficking
- Root Causes 
You can find the full report here, or in the downloadable pdf file.