Violence against Women, Bleeding Wound in the Syrian Conflict

Publication Author: 
Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network
November 2013
Euromedrights-VAW-Syria-Nov-2013.pdf1.26 MB

Overview of contents:

- Introduction

  Challenges to document VAW in Syria 
  Legal framework 


- Violation of the Rights to life 

  Killings of women in the context of military fighting 

  Execution of women during massacres 

  Use of women as human shields 


- Sexual violence as a weapon of war 

  Surrounding climate of terror from sexual violence 

  Rapes during incursions and raids 

  Rape during kidnapping 

  Rape inside governmental prisons and detention facilities 

  Sexual harassment and humiliation during detention 


- Arbitary detention, enforced disappearances and abduction 

A. Governmental facilities 

  Denial of fair trial and incommunicado detention 

  Torture of detainees 

  Health conditions and lack of access to medical care 

  Violations of the right to visit for detained women in prisons 


B. The growing phenomenon of abduction of Syrian women 

  Random kidnappings 

  Use of women as hostages 


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