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The Global Campaign to Stop Killing and Stoning Women and the International Solidarity Network, Women Living Under Muslim Laws (WLUML) are jointly concerned about the issuance of a new regulation in the district of West Aceh, Indonesia, which strictly forbids Muslims, especially women, to wear tight clothes. The new regulation was issued on Thursday, 27 May 2010, by the Head of the district of West Aceh. Non-Muslims who reside in West Aceh or are temporarily present in West Aceh are also required to respect and to adapt to the new regulation. This new regulation makes West Aceh the first district in the country to strictly implement an ‘Islamic’ dress code and if signed by the Provincial Governor would eventually be enforced in the entire province of Aceh.

Film in eight parts by Hasan Mahmud, Director of Sharia Law, Muslim Canadian Congress, Canada.

In the new Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung publication, Religious Fundamentalisms and Their Gendered Impacts in Asia, Claudia Derichs and Andrea Fleschenberg (eds.), there is a chapter by WLUML board member, Zarizana Abdul Aziz: 'Malaysia – Trajectory towards Secularism or Islamism?' Abdul Aziz writes, "As the Malaysian legal system moves closer towards accommodating syariah, there has been an increase in inter-ethnic and inter-religious tensions.

A dual Indian and Canadian national who complained to the Canadian government that her father was keeping her in Riyadh against her will has finally left the Kingdom. According to the Canadian Embassy, Nazia Quazi, 24, left the Kingdom on Monday. “Quazi, who was given all possible assistance by the Canadian mission, has flown out of Saudi Arabia,” said Sidney Fisher, spokeswoman for the Canadian Embassy in Riyadh. 

I am back in Baghdad after seven years away, writes Hadani Ditmars who returns to find a broken Baghdad.Since 2003, a million people have died in Iraq in the wake of post-invasion violence.Sectarian wars have torn the country apart, foreign troops have established huge military bases, and politicians who have sworn to crack down on militias have their own private armies. This once secular nation has been scarred by extremism, with terrible consequences for women, gay people and religious minorities. As Government ministries remain feeding troughs for cronyism and sectarian patronage, national reconciliation remains elusive.

Feminist concern about the violation of women’s rights by male clerics in Muslim countries is slowly producing a response from some states. At the same time, rights activists are increasingly reporting examples of clerics who are standing up for women’s rights. This isn’t about the progressive male and female scholars that are increasingly visible in the Muslim world, nor about the occasional female imam; it’s about male preachers on the streets and in the villages.

Sun, Sea and Halal is a project initiated by 'Islamic Circles' "to encourage Muslims to enjoy an Islamic Beach holiday around the Muslim world.... Away from the alcoholic resorts, located in the Mediterranean seaside city of Alanya, Turkey... enjoy a Golden beach holiday with all the activities but within an Islamic environment." Based in the UK, it states its Aims and Objectives as "Enjoying and relaxing in an Islamic Beach holiday without compromising your values.". On their website they state that "Sisters are permitted to travel and the Tour Lead will act as the Amir... Sisters who are travelling are advised to request permission from their Mahrams and if possible travel with them."

Des défenseurs des droits de l'homme ont exprimé leurs inquiétudes mardi après le rejet par la Cour constitutionnelle indonésienne d'une demande de révision de la loi antiblasphème, qui punit toute "déviance" vis-à-vis des six religions acceptées dans le pays. Après des semaines de débats, parfois houleux, la Cour a rejeté lundi la requête déposée par des groupes représentant des musulmans modérés, des religions minoritaires et des défenseurs de la laïcité.

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