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L'organisation humanitaire Médecins du Monde (MDM) a annoncé, hier à Paris, l'ouverture d'une mission en Algérie pour assister les femmes et les enfants victimes de violences, en partenariat avec des intervenants locaux.
Deux kamikazes du palais sont identifiée.
In the first quarter of 2007, Afghanistan's Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) reported more than 200 cases of violence against women.
Monia Haddaoui écrit un livre sur sa fille Ghofrane lapidée par des voyous
Pro-Taliban clerics and their followers at a mosque in the Pakistani capital on Thursday released three woman they had held for days after accusing them of running a brothel.
Acid attacks are almost unheard of in Ethiopia although the tactic has been used against women in other countries. Although Kamilat was attacked in January, she and her family are now public with their story in order to raise support and awareness.
Un amendement sera ajouté au code pénal.
"One of the most profitable sources of wealth for imperialist powers is war. Currently, most of the world population is either living under the condition of war in Asia, Africa and the Middle East or in a 'state of war,' as in Iran, Europe and N. America"
Women's rights activists demand Pakistan state authorities ensure justice for a teenage girl who has been kidnapped, raped and forced to parade naked publicly.
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