"Lorsque vous demandez à une musulmane pourquoi elle porte ou ne porte pas le hijab, la réponse n’est jamais simple."
Les hommes dirigeaient l’organisation Care International, officiellement engagée dans le financement d’un orphelinat en Afghanistan. Mais selon l’accusation, leur activité principale était la propagande et la collecte de fonds au profit des moujahidine.
Opening soon: two plays from Adelheid Roosen based on the writer and director's interviews with Muslims living in the West. The complementary pieces, "The Veiled Monologues," and "Is. Man" will make their North American debut this weekend in New York.
"Out of 200,000 women that were exploited as comfort women by the Japanese Imperial Army, only a few hundred are still alive. This resolution calls on the government of Japan to accept responsibility for the coercion of young
Asra Q. Nomani organised of the first woman-led mixed gender prayers in Muslim history.
Le documentaire "Jesus Camp" sur les évangélistes américains explore l'univers de quelque 30 millions de croyants. Ils mènent une véritable guerre culturelle et préparent leurs enfants à poursuivre le combat.
"Laleh Bakhtiar had already spent two years working on an English translation of the Koran when she came upon Chapter 4, Verse 34. She nearly dropped the project right then."
During November 2006, the WLUML exhibition focusing on various types of dress worn by women in selected Muslim contexts, "Dress Codes and Modes", was on display at the Department of Gender Studies at Mount Holyoke College.
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