[fund] crossing religious boundaries

Yoginder Sikand reviews the recent title by Grace Halsell, "Forcing God’s Hand: Why Millions Pray for a Quick Rapture and Destruction of Planet Earth."
Following the recent violence in Trincomalee, the Coalition for Muslims and Tamils speaks for and pleads for once again placing people at the centre of peace and the need for the peace process to work towards justice for all peoples in this country.
The new entrepreneurialism sweeping across Anatolia province is providing an unlikely catalyst for a remarkable religious transformation.
Exactly four years ago, Gujarat witnessed a state-sponsored genocide that culminated in the deaths of some three thousand Muslims and led to a complete breakdown of inter-community relations, the scars of which have still not healed.
The politics behind the 'religious' conflict by Yoginder Sikand.
Recent reports of clashes between Muslims and Buddhists in Ladakh triggered off by the alleged desecration of the Qur'an in a village in Kargil are an ominous reminder.
Inside a mosque in sub-Saharan Africa's largest metropolis hangs a life-size portrait of Jesus Christ. Yet worshipers at "The True Message of God Mission" say it's entirely natural for Christianity and Islam to co-exist, even overlap.
Though precise statistics do not exist, the Council on American-Islamic Relations estimates there are more than 36,000 Hispanic Muslims in the nation today and it is becoming evident that the conversion rate among this minority group is increasing.
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