[fund] promotion and application of religious laws

Two Iranian women labor activists, convicted for participating in May Day celebrations, have been punished by flogging, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran reported today.
Le gouvernement local et un leader religieux proche des talibans ont signé un accord en ce sens ce lundi. Un accord qui doit permettre de prolonger le cessez-le-feu actuel.
Pakistan is to impose Islamic law in a vast region of the north-west called Malakand in an attempt to placate extremists, even as President Asif Zardari warns that they are "trying to take over the state".
A woman has been forcibly divorced on the basis of “tribal incompatibility” with her husband.
The UN Special Rapporteur has devoted particular attention to religion-based personal laws.
Imams in Saudi Arabia have issued opinions demanding that Muslims in Europe hold themselves apart from 'a faithless world'. Frequently, imams in Germany speak little or no German, and are not acquainted with the country's social and cultural norms.
In Basra in 2008 a reported 133 women were killed for not 'being Islamic' enough.
Amnesty International said that if Pearce were jailed it would consider her a prisoner of conscience.
The amnesty request of Kobra Najjar was rejected by Iranian Commission of Amnesty three times and Kobra has spent the last 11 years in prison.
Saudi Arabia's most senior cleric was quoted Wednesday as saying it is permissible for 10-year-old girls to marry and those who think they're too young are doing the girls an injustice.
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