[fund] promotion and application of religious laws

Women fighting use of Islamic law.
Some Canadian Muslims are proposing the implementation of sections of Sharia [Muslim law] to settle family disputes outside the court system through arbitration committees/tribunals.
Canada is embarking on an unusual judicial experiment that will allow members of its Muslim community to submit to the teachings of the Koran to resolve a variety of civil legal disputes, ranging from divorces to business conflicts.
The northern state of Zamfara has introduced new Sharia laws.
In January 2004, WLUML urged you to join Iraqi women's efforts and take action to oppose the Iraqi Governing Council's (IGC) 'Resolution 137' dated 29 December 2003 that proposed the introduction of Sharia law in personal status matters and to cancel all laws which are incompatible with this decision. It was reported on 27th February 2004, that the IGC has cancelled resolution 137.
Après les armes de destruction massive auxquelles même le plus idiot des terriens n’a pas cru, les Américains et les Britanniques avaient envahi l’Irak au nom des Droits de l’Homme.
We would like to express our horror at the Iraqi Governing Council’s Act 137 dated 29/12/2003 that replaces Iraqi civil law concerning family law with Sharia law.
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