[empower] women religious leaders

“At a tiny courtyard mosque in China's most populous Muslim region, Jin Meihua leads other women in prayer and chants."
The first American woman to translate the Sublime Quran into English has now narrated her pioneering translation into an easy and accessible audio book format.
"A Shia woman solemnizing marriage of a Sunni couple. If that was not enough, the nikah that made Lucknow sit up in disbelief, was to have only women as witnesses."
A debate is opening up in Saudi Arabia as to whether or not women can become muftis, following a recent announcement made by the Grand Mufti of Syria Sheikh Ahmad Badr Al Din Hassoun.
A senior member of the Board of Senior Ulemas has said women are allowed to join the board in order to break the monopoly held by men.
The Church of England's decision to remove the legal blocks stopping women being ordained as bishops is a move welcomed by many, but critics argue this could threaten the future existence of the Anglican Church.
L'autorisation accordée, la semaine dernière en Egypte, à une femme pour célébrer des mariages musulmans et prononcer des divorces a provoqué un débat autour du rôle de la femme dans les institutions islamiques.
Amal Soliman has become Egypt's first woman able to perform Muslim marriages.
The first woman-led mixed prayer was held by Pamela Taylor in Toronto, Canada on 8 March 2007.
Asra Q. Nomani organised of the first woman-led mixed gender prayers in Muslim history.
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