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A en croire les résultats d’une étude, les 3/4 des mères célibataires se seraient mariées suite, uniquement, au rituel de la récitation de la «Fatiha».
Women Living Under Muslim Laws is deeply concerned about the prosecution and detention of Shamial Raj and Shahzina Tariq of Faisalabad, Pakistan. Shamial Raj had a sex change operation and for years has been living as a man. He and Shahzina Tariq married for love last year, despite the fact that Shahzina's father had wanted to marry her off to someone to whom he owed money. Shahzina's father, Tariq Hussain and other members of her family continued to harrass the pair and took legal action against Shamial accusing him of kidnapping their daughter, despite the consensual nature of their marriage. On the 28th of May, 2007 the Lahore High Court decided there was insufficient evidence to charge Shahzina and Shamial under section 377 (unnatural offences). However the couple have both been sentenced to three years imprisonment on lesser charges.
The Kuwaiti parliament on Monday passed a law banning women from working at night, except those in the medical profession, and barring them from jobs considered ‘immoral.’
The Bahrain Women's Union, a loose association of 12 women's organisations, has pledged to reinvigorate a dormant plan to promulgate a family status law in the kingdom.
Government should now ensure women’s participation at all levels of the judiciary.
Parliament passed a gender-equality bill Thursday aimed at getting more Spanish women into elected office and corporate boardrooms - and more men heating baby bottles and changing diapers.
Despite arrests of activists and repeatedly blocked websites, the Campaign Demanding an End to Discriminatory Laws against Women continues to gather national and international support, through the collection of one million signatures over two years. The petition will then be submitted to the Parliament of Iran along with proposed changes to laws which discriminate against women and men, specifically in the area of family law.
An amendment to the Nationality Code will allow mothers married to foreigners to pass on Moroccan citizenship to their children.
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