Violence against women

19 / 01 / 2014

عبّرت إدارة شؤون مخيمات اللاجئين السوريين في الأردن عن مخاوفها من الآثار الناتجة عن زواج القاصرات من اللاجئات السوريات، سواء للاجئات المقيمات في مخيم الزعتري (80 كيلومتراً شمال شرق عمّان) أو خارجه.

A short story by Rawa Jelizada, WLUML networker and women's rights activist from Iraqi Kurdistan who participated in WLUML’s training on Political and Public participation in Cairo, December 2013 (where she was introduced to the Stop Stoning Women Campaign)

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She was 15, from a zone called Monsterstan, the land of beasts... Eyes chocolate brown and hair night black.

She was in love with the moon. She holds best childhood memories with the moon... As she was swinging under the full silver moon 3 years ago, she swayed back and forth so high that she thought she'd catch the moon. That night she turned 12. Early signs of her chest, the length of her hair and her height forbid her to step outside the door. But the moon, the moon remained her best friend. The swing and the full moon were her last memories in the road ahead her home. 

استباحة النساء في المجال العام: مدخل نقدي لفهم أسباب الظاهرة وآليات المقاومة (الجزء الأول)

By Charles Recknagel

Honor beatings are not a term usually associated with Internet videos. But the genre continues to creep onto the web with clips purportedly showing Kyrgyz migrant women in Russia being beaten by their male compatriots for allegedly shaming their nation.

By Charles Recknagel

The latest video, which first appeared on December 16 on the Russian-language Bilayv website and has since been posted on YouTube, makes for disturbing viewing.

Filmed by the attackers themselves, it apparently shows a young Kyrgyz woman cowering on the platform of an empty suburban train station in an unidentified Russian city and being kicked repeatedly in the back, stomach, and chest by two unseen men.

The sound accompanying the video is a string of curses and profanity in which the men accuse her of having sexual relations with non-Kyrgyz men, specifically Uzbeks and Tajiks.

"This paper is the first of a series of three factsheets on different pertinent issues concerning gender equality and sustainable development. In the context of the post-2015 agenda negotia-tions, we asked SDC Gender Focal Points around the world, which issues they deemed to be most important with regards to sustainable development and gender equality. Responses came in from different corners of the earth, highlighting that the main issues people were struggling with in their countries and in their day-to-day work were: Violence against women, political participation and economic empowerment.

The number of refugees in Lebanon has now reached 25 per cent of the total population. 78 per cent of the ever-increasing number are Syrian refugees, who currently number around 824,000, are women and children. 79,000 refugees coming from Syria are still awaiting registration at the borders. According to a recent report from Human Rights Watch (HRW), the most vulnerable are “disproportionately affected by Sexual and Gender-based Violence (SGBV)”. A growing attitude amongst female refugees to return to the war-torn country they only just fled has been detected, as rape and sexual harassment has made life in Lebanon unbearable. (Beirut, 4rd Dec, 2013)

وثائقيات حقوق الإنسان

نشرت منظمة العمل الدولية على موقعها الرسمي تقريرا صحفيا حول ممارسة تحرش تقع في مصانع في الأردن، ضحايا عاملات أسيويات.

جانبا من التقرير استعرض، رؤية الناشطة أردنية تدعى “رانيا شانتي” التي تساعد منظمة العمل الدولية على مكافحة التحرش الجنسي في مصانع الملابس في الأردن، من خلال مشروع عمل أفضل (الأردن).

لم تجد فتيات الإسكندرية لمواجهة استمرار ظاهرة التحرش الجنسى، وتصاعد وتيرتها فى الشوارع والطرقات، سوى تعلم الألعاب الرياضية العنيفة. حملة «إنتى أقوى» هى أحدث حملات فتيات الإسكندرية لمواجهة التحرش بهن، والتى ابتكرتها مجموعة من الناشطات السياسيات والحقوقيات، وغيرهن من بنات الجامعات وغير المنتميات إلى أى تنظيمات، بهدف مواجهة التحرش عن طريق تدريب الفتيات على تقنيات الدفاع عن النفس ضد محاولات التحرش، والدعم النفسى للضحايا وتهيئتهن بعد التحرش، والدعم القانونى عن طريق تعريف ضحايا التحرش بحقهن القانونى، وكيفية اتخاذ الإجراءات لتحرير محاضر.

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