Forrest Glen Maridas is a polyamorist who believes that it is her constitutionally guaranteed right to freely express her sexuality in any form that that might take. Maridas is 34, American and a full-time counsellor at a university, although she's currently on maternity leave. She's lived with Canadian Russell Osborne since May 2005 and he's sponsoring her for immigration as a common-law spouse under the family classification. 

Cela faisait partie du package « départementalisation ». L'ordonnance signée aujourd'hui met fin à plusieurs particularités du droit mahorais par rapport au droit français applicable dans les autres départements. Il s'agit, notamment, de ne plus autoriser les mariages polygames. La loi du 21 juillet 2003 de programme pour l’outre-mer, avait déjà commencé à mettre fin à cette pratique, mais les hommes nés avant 1987 pouvaient encore contracter des unions polygames. Ce n'est plus possible. En revanche, les mariages déjà contractés restent légaux.

Mayotte, an island territory between Mozambique and Madagascar, will also end repudiation, the traditional Muslim divorce, and raise the minimum marriage age for females from 16 to 18, according to a statement by the cabinet. "The ordinance puts a definitive end to inequality between men and women," Overseas Territories Minister Marie-Luce Penchard said. "There will no longer be a possibility to enter into polygamous unions as used to be the case." Existing polygamous marriages can continue, she added.

Un Turc qui avait obtenu la nationalité suisse par mariage devra rendre son passeport helvétique. Le Tribunal administratif fédéral a rendu public mardi un arrêt en ce sens parce que cet homme entretenait parallèlement une relation maritale dans son pays d'origine.

The burqa, or face-covering veil, is getting all the attention in the debate over Muslim immigrants in France. But another controversial tradition among some immigrants is less noticed and far more widespread: Polygamy. The issue resurfaced last week after a woman received a traffic citation in the western city of Nantes for driving with a veil over her face. Officials then accused her husband of having at least three other wives, and said he may be profiting from them financially while the state pays the bill.

The participation of Winston Blackmore, Canada's most notorious polygamist, would be welcome in the reference case on the anti-polygamy law's constitutionality, but the chief justice of the B.C. Supreme Court said Tuesday that it's not necessary. In a written decision, Robert Bauman said that not only is Winston Blackmore's participation and that of his 500 or so followers from the community of Bountiful, B.C. not necessary, there is no reason for taxpayers to pay their legal costs of participating in the reference case.

If Winston Blackmore and his fundamentalist Mormon congregation in Bountiful don't get equal standing with the attorneys-general of B.C. and Canada as well as funding, they will boycott the reference case that will determine whether the anti-polygamy law is constitutional. Blackmore's application, heard Friday by Chief Justice Robert Bauman of the B.C. Supreme Court, was pointedly and colloquially summarized by three different lawyers. Update on: Canada: Polygamist leader suing B.C. government

A Texas jury has sentenced a polygamous sect member to 75 years in prison on one count of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl whom he spiritually married in 2006 while living at a ranch in Schleicher County. The sentence for Merril Leroy Jessop, 35, is the stiffest yet handed out in the criminal trials of members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Under Texas law, Jessop has to serve half of his sentence before he is eligible for parole.

The forms of violence referred to as “harmful cultural or traditional practices” have been addressed by the United Nations for many years. These forms of violence include female genital mutilation, female infanticide and prenatal sex selection, child marriage, forced marriage, dowry-related violence, acid attacks, so-called “honour” crimes, and maltreatment of widows.

Winston Blackmore, the leader of a polygamous community in southeastern British Columbia who has admitted to having multiple wives, is suing the provincial government for violating his rights when he was charged last year.

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