A WLUML networker comments that this is, step by step, what happened in Algeria with GIA forbidding music, etc..., GIA armed groups taking 'taxes' from villagers, controlling whole areas and ... scaring the official army and police.
Deep-rooted social conventions and a rise in Islamic extremism resulted in the deaths of thousands of women and children last year in Bangladesh, according to WLUML networkers.
Human Rights in Bangladesh 2004 offers an analytical overview of the situation of human rights.
Greater notice needs to be taken in the region of the creeping inroads being made by fanaticism in Bangladesh. Some recent developments there have an eerie resemblance to events in Pakistan.
"Because of the prohibition of all organisations in opposition to the "party" of the Shah, the opposition tended to gather in the mosques.
A photo essay of the changing fashions on the streets of Dhaka.
The mayhem being perpetrated by Islamist extremists in Bangladesh is so widespread, and the threat of worse to come so real, that there is now a sense of crisis in the air. And it is time too.
It is an indication of the worrying political trends in Bangladesh that the Bangladesh National Party-Jamaat-i-Islami alliance currently in power is one of the most right-wing elected governments in the country's history and yet even this government is unable to satisfy extremist politico-religious groups.
A series of coordinated blasts of over 400 bombs in 63 out of 64 districts on 17 August 2005 firmly put Bangladesh as another hotbed of terrorism.
More than 50 people have been injured in a series of simultaneous bomb blasts across Bangladesh.
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