[fund] resisting fundamentalisms

D’après les analyses préliminaires, le Conseil canadien des femmes musulmanes (CCFM) est profondément préoccupé par les recommandations contenues dans le rapport de Marion Boyd « Dispute Resolution in Family Law: Protecting Choice, Promoting Inclusion. »
Un bébé dans les bras de sa maman ; mais cet univers de douceur bascule soudain dans la violence : le bébé crache et atteint sa mère à l'oeil.
Pour avoir joué de la musique, des étudiants sont battus à mort par des miliciens chiites déchaînés. Les étudiant-es ont commencé à installer leur pique-nique sous le soleil printanier, quand les hommes ont attaqué.
Salman Rushdie comments that wherever religions get into society's driving seat, tyranny results.
Cassandra highlights the work of WLUML and their stance on the introduction of Shari'a law in Ontario, Canada as a means of legal resolution to civil and family matters.
Muslim clerics in Spain issued what they called the world's first fatwa against Osama bin Laden on the first anniversary of the Madrid train bombings, calling him an apostate and urging others of their faith to denounce the al-Qaida leader.
Some liberal scholars want to open the explication of sacred texts to all. Others say the path to democracy lies elsewhere.
An interesting article by Yoginder Sikand which refers to the madrasa system.
'The Trouble with Islam' is an open letter from Irshad Manji, a Muslim voice of reform, to concerned citizens worldwide - Muslim and not.
Asmau Joda is a Muslim woman activist from Nigeria. Until recently she was the Africa Coordinator of the WLUML network.
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