A group called the Canadian Society of Muslims is testing boundaries by establishing the Islamic Institute of Civil Justice to apply the legal code called Shariah, based on the Koran, to settle disputes over property, inheritance, marriage and divorce.
Former NDP attorney-general Marion Boyd has been appointed to review procedures that would include the use of Islamic law to settle family disputes, the Ontario government has announced.
Attack on Syed, a graduate student in Women’s Studies at the University of British Columbia and a veteran peace and justice, civil rights and anti-violence activist.
The Ontario government will review plans to use Islamic law to settle family disputes before the practice is set to begin in the province.
When Britain's Muslim community requested the right to use Islamic law to settle family disputes, the government's refusal was unequivocal.
Women fighting use of Islamic law.
Some Canadian Muslims are proposing the implementation of sections of Sharia [Muslim law] to settle family disputes outside the court system through arbitration committees/tribunals.
Canada is embarking on an unusual judicial experiment that will allow members of its Muslim community to submit to the teachings of the Koran to resolve a variety of civil legal disputes, ranging from divorces to business conflicts.
WLUML networker Homa Hoodfar contributes to this book which contains research and commentary on the conditions, issues, debates, and discourse on the hijab in North America and specifically in Canada.
Judges will give legal sanction to disputes between Muslims.
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