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In Gaza, an unspoken rule bans women from riding bicycles after they have hit puberty. But last Saturday, one young Palestinian woman decided to defy the taboo, sparking smiles - and a few threats - from fellow Gaza residents. In a spur of the moment decision, 28-year-old Palestinian journalist Asmaa Alghoul decided to join three of her friends, two Italian human rights workers and an American, on a tour of Gaza by bicycle. On a warm summer's day, the two men and two women set off from the Egyptian border town of Rafah and headed north to Gaza city, along 30km of coastal road. But to Asmaa, the ride was more than a sunny day trip: women on bicycles are frowned upon in most Muslim societies, and the young woman had not ridden a bike since she was 14 years old.

Des centaines de personnes se sont données rendez-vous ce samedi, 28 aout sur la place du Trocadero, pour dire leur soutien total à Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani et pour crier leur colère contre cette pratique barbare qu'est la lapidation. 

Open letter to President of Afghanistan: H.E. President of Afghanistan, The last decade in the history of our country, despite all the shortcomings, was full of hope for the women of Afghanistan. In the first few years of the decade, we witnessed positive developments toward freedom of women from yokes of captivity, fanaticism and fundamentalism. These hopes opened a new page in history for women and we may dare say that the newly founded democratic government of Afghanistan became a bastion of ideals of gender equality and justice for women who were tired of the rule of fanaticism and misogynism. Those developments revived the lost dignity of Afghanistan at the international level. Alas, those hopes and achievements have been subjected to disruption and regression in recent years leading to human catastrophes such as assassinations, stoning and gender discrimination. 

 À l’occasion de l’opération “100 villes pour Sakineh”, le Mouvement Ni Putes Ni Soumises, et la Ligue du Droit International des Femmes se mobilisent et organisent un rassemblement à Paris. Le même jour qu’à Berlin, New York, Madrid ou Tokyo, rassemblons nous pour nous opposer au traitement infligé à la jeune iranienne Sakineh, accusée d’adultère !

In a demonstration on 9 August, women activists in Iraq bravely take a stand against the injustices, absence of basic human rights and broken promises suffered by the women of Iraq. In this empowering video clip, the women of Iraqmany of whom live without electricity or housing take a stand and demand a government which caters, understands and feels the miseries of all its peopleregardless of gender, race of religion.

 نحتفل اليوم وككل سنة  بذكرى صدور مجلة الأحوال الشخصية التي مثلت عند الإعلان عنها  في 13 أوت 1956 انتصارا للعقل الحداثي و أهم أسباب تحرر التونسيات. نحتفل بها على طريقتنا  رفضا منا للجحود التاريخي  وتغييب الذاكرة واعترافا منا  بداية بفضل شعبنا الذي لولاه لما كان ذلك ممكنا نصا وروحا. نعلن ذلك دون أي رغبة في الاستئثار  ودون استثناء  من خلال نظرة نقدية لما قدمه نساء ورجال من أجيال متعاقبة  ساهموا في وضع اللبنات الأولى من أجل حق التونسيات في الكرامة والحرية.

Comme chaque année, nous célébrons avec fierté la promulgation du Code du statut personnel qui, en son temps, le 13 août 1956, a représenté une conquête de la raison moderne et constitué un des éléments clés de l’émancipation féminine. C’est pourquoi aujourd’hui, comme chaque année, nous le célébrerons à notre manière, contre les dénis de l’histoire et l’amnésie générale des mémoires en rendant d’abord hommage au peuple qui en a rendu possible l’esprit et la lettre. Cet hommage nous l’exprimons sans complaisance ni esprit d’exclusive, à tous ceux et celles qui, à titre collectif ou individuel, femmes et hommes, ont posé les jalons de l’émancipation et de la dignité des Tunisiennes. 

شعارات التجمع:

1. برلمان لا يستطيع انتخاب الرئاسات السيادية الثلاثة لا يستحق تمثيل الشعب

2. خمسة أشهر أثبتم فشلكم في قيادة البلد ، من حقنا ان نطالب بإعادة الانتخابات مجدداً

3. نحملكم مسؤولية خرق الدستور وتقويض الأمن والعملية السياسية

4. خيبة أمل: استبدلتم مصلحة الناس والوطن ، بصراعكم من أجل الكراسي!

5. رواتب مالية ضخمة للنواب مقابل تأخير صرف مستحقات المشمولين بشبكة الحماية الاجتماعية

6. نطالب بإشراك النساء في المفاوضات السياسية بشكل جاد وحقيقي


According to Javid Kian, the lawyer for 25 year old Maryam Ghorbanzadeh, in a letter to Judiciary intelligence and security, judicial officials (most notably Saeed Mortazavi) decided that the case of Maryam Ghorbanzadeh needs to be resolved so they could deal with Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani’s case. Javid Kian tells Rooz that “all the attention is focused on the Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani case, and in the midst of it all, the life of Ms. Ghorbanzadeh is at risk.  In the wake of protests against Ms. Ashtiani’s stoning sentence, [authorities] changed the stoning sentence for Ms. Ghorbanzadeh to death by hanging. The ruling was sent to the department that processes death sentences.  She can be executed any moment now.”

Lebanon may be used as a regional base for the spread of gender equality, a representative from the Council of Europe (CE), a Europe-wide organization concerned with the promotion of human rights and the rule of law, revealed Tuesday. “We are hoping to use Lebanon as a hub for stretching out legislation against domestic abuse across the region,” José Bota, chairperson of the Equal Opportunities for Women and Men from the parliamentary branch of the CE, told The Daily Star.

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