Chart of Customary Practices in Pakistan in Comparison with Statutory Law

This is a comprehensive analysis of the role of customary practices in determining the space, rights and self-actualization of women in Pakistan. It looks into the outcome of the historical experience of colonization and its impact on statutory law, the local structures of power and the cultural specificity of the region, which produces the 'living law' of the country. The chart form presentation of the report allows it to be used as a quick reference tool, exposing the variety and similarities in practices across the country while revealing the contradictions between customary practices and statutory laws. The first part Women in Family deals in detail with the three major issues of marriage, divorce and custody and inheritance, while the second part Women in Society tackles mobility and women's rights. In the third part Women as Individuals women's rights as human beings are mentioned including their bodily rights and violence against women.
Publisher and location: 
Lahore, Shirkat Gah / WLUML