Reseau Siggil Jigeen

This network seeks for violence against women to be understood as a human rights violation within Senegal; the revision and amendment of laws that are discriminatory to women; the passage of laws that promote gender equality; and women’s increased participation in decision-making processes. The name Siggil Jigeen has much significance within Senegalese ‘culture’; it expresses the promotion of the status of women. ‘Siggil’ means enhance, rehabilitate, promote, defend women, and by extension, the family and society. This network is interested in networking with organisations working to promote and defend the rights of women. Note: No contact person found, as attempts to contact were never answered; Contact in French. Address: Resau Siggil Jigeen, BP 10137 Dakar Liberte, Senegal

Tel: (221) 825 00 56