WLUML Annual Report 2012

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Women Living Under Muslim Laws
December 2012
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File 1915 The Revolution Continues....

The year 2012 was full of rapid changes and posed numersous exciting opportunities and challenges for WLUML. It is our great pleasure to share the experiences, lessons, and outcomes of this year with our friends, supporters, and interested parties. Please download a copy of the WLUML 2012 Annual Report for an update of what we have been up to this past year! 

As WLUML steps into 2013, we are embarking on a bold new strategic review, consolidating our unique knowledge and experience over the past three decades and moving forward to redouble our efforts to achieve gender justice around the globe. Our Women’s Empowerment and Leadership Development for Democratisation (WELDD) programme has successfully tapped into the needs of young activists worldwide for training and capacity building on transformative feminist leadership to better equip them for their struggles for political change. This year WLUML will hold a series of multi-country workshops in the Middle East and West Africa, bringing together and empowering the next wave of women’s rights leaders.

Digital activism is a critical tool for today’s women’s rights leaders, especially in environments where women human rights defenders face persecution, repression and a lack of security. Accordingly, WLUML will launch its new web-portal this year. A feminist leadership development resource centre, the WELDD portal will act as a hub of knowledge, interaction and debate around issues of political leadership. We also have several bold new ventures planned for WLUML online – watch this space.

Further, in 2013 WLUML will highlight and tackle culturally-justified forms of violence against women (CVAW), such as forced marriage and stoning, via partner developed, nationally based advocacy campaigns. WLUML will push for tangible change through our international campaign on CVAW. Stop Stoning Women Now launches this year at the 57th session of the Commission on the Status of Women, building momentum towards a UN resolution on stoning as a form of violence against women and towards eradication of this continuing form of torture and cruel and inhuman treatment.

WLUML’s Violence is Not Our Culture program will also actively promote women’s right to live free of CVAW through such broad-based advocacy as the global 16 Days of Violence Against Women campaign, research and the promotion of international human rights mechanisms. We will also forge new alliances and expand and develop our network through our West Asia program. WLUML is on the forefront of mapping the region’s major actors in women’s rights, and will continue to consolidate our links and work together with local partners towards our shared goal of equality.