Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is emerging as a new hub for trans-national Islamic extremism in South Asia.
60 years have passed since the independence from British rule; but have Sri Lankan women really been liberated? Direct link to the PDF image of the "We, Women" press advertisement, published in the Sri Lankan Daily Mirror on 5th Feb. 2008.
Sunila Abeysekera, Executive Director of Information Monitor (INFORM), a FORUM-ASIA member organisation based in Sri Lanka, has been chosen for the prestigious Human Rights Watch’s Global Human Rights Defender Award 2007.
An Interview with Sunila Abeysekera, Executive Director, INFORM, Sri Lanka.
This is a short impressionistic imprint by the Coalition of Tamils and Muslims for Peace and Coexistence (CTMPC) of a village in Mutur district today, a village unable to recover, unable to recuperate in the continuing condition of war and instability.
People to People Dialogue for Peace and Sustainable Development is an initiative that is being built among farmers, urban, rural and plantation workers, fisher people and women’s organizations in the South, North, East and the Hill country.
There is a silent revolution taking place in the most disparate and unlikely places around the world. It is changing the structures, and the very texture of democracy and governance in those countries.
WLUML is disturbed to hear that, in the latest outbreak of violence in Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankan Armed Forces as well as the LTTE are targeting unarmed civilians. We urge you to show solidarity and support friends in Sri Lanka and sign on/circulate this appeal.
The crisis in Sri Lanka has reached a new phase with the targeting of civilians for large scale killing and the accompanying denial of responsibility for such atrocities.
An opinion piece by Ambika Satkunanathan on the use of culture to control women and their sexuality.
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