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Details of the 'Campaign for the Protection of Women's Human Rights' relating to the issue of women in the East of Sri Lanka not being able to work in NGOs.
As women who have always been committed to the principles of non-discrimination and of equality, we have noted with grave concern, the controversy around women working in non-governmental sector in the Eastern province.
Following the recent violence in Trincomalee, the Coalition for Muslims and Tamils speaks for and pleads for once again placing people at the centre of peace and the need for the peace process to work towards justice for all peoples in this country.
The suicide bomb attack at the army headquarters in Colombo is the latest in a series of major blows to the peace process.
An interesting article from 2003 in which Muslim Personal law (MPL) is discussed - a plural system of laws which govern family matters and which defines women’s status and autonomy in the private sphere of the family.
What can we do to prevent a human-made disaster? by N. Shanmugaratnam.
Notes by WLUML networker Faizun Zackariya, based on her visit to the East coast (28-29-30th Dec) especially to the villages of Karativu, Sainthamaruthu, Kalmunai Kudi, Kalmunai, Pandiruppu and Maruthumanai in the Amparai district.
Women's rights groups who have conducted fact-finding missions in the tsunami-affected areas wish to bring to public attention serious issues concerning the safety and wellbeing of women which have not yet been addressed in relief efforts.
On 28th December, 5 members of the Muslim Women’s Research and Action Forum and one observer accompanied a truck full of relief goods to Kalmunai area, located in the district of Amparai on the East Coast, to aid the relief effort for Tsunami victims.
Sri Lanka's Muslims are warning of a militant backlash as increasing tension between them and the Tamil community in the east of the country fuels feelings of frustration and anger.
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