Association pour la Promotion de la Femme Sénégalaise (APROFES) (Association for the Advancement of Senegalese Women)

APROFES works to promote women’s rights; women’s access to resources; women’s participation in decision-making; poverty reduction; and fight violence against women within the framework of women’s rights as human rights. They work with local women’s groups, women’s victims of violence, and women leaders and entrepreneurs; they have a people-centred advocacy response anchored in the community, where it can have more widespread and long-lasting effects. They run awareness raising and educational campaigns on the issues of law, citizenship, health, and economy; provide advice and legal assistance to women victims of violence and run domestic violence training sessions; and promote good health and environmental regeneration. They are also part of the Reseau Siggil Jigeen.

Address: APROFES, Plle˚225- Quartier Kashnack, BP: 12, Kaolack, SENEGAL

Tel: (221) 942 44 11

Fax: (221) 941 31 95