Crushing defeat of NDA led by the BJP in the recent general elections is certainly victory of secular forces.
Justice is not being done in Gujarat and the state government is proactively responsible for this terrible breakdown.
Founded in 1984 as a modest resource and documentation centre, Jagori, a Delhi-based women's group, has grown from strength to strength in the last two decades.
Book review of Press and Prejudice by Vidya Bhushan Rawat
The report below raises a number of questions about both the circulation of unconfirmed news and the means of ensuring gender justice in the judicial system.
An unlikely feminist in India's traditionally male-dominated southern heartland, has caused a storm by leading the movement for the women's mosque.
Federal police in India have arrested 12 people on charges of murder and gang rape during the 2002 Gujarat riots.
In 2002, events occurred in Gujarat in western India which led many to wonder whether Hinduism - the religion practised by over 80% of Indians - is developing a new and more militant face.
This workshop aims to bring attention to issues of sexuality in interventions related to Muslim Women.
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