Iran: URGENT: Oppose the scheduled public stoning of Mokarrameh and her partner

The Stop Stoning Forever Campaign invites all citizens of the world to contact the Iranian officials by phone and/or fax and ask them to stop the public stoning of Mokarrameh Ebrahimin, the 43 year old mother of three children, and her partner, the father of her 11 year old child. Please note that email may not be effective.

Also, please note the time difference since the stoning is scheduled for Thursday, 21 June 2007, in the morning, Tehran time, which is Wednesday evening and midnight in the US and Europe. Please act now before it is too late!

The decision for execution of stoning in public, and moreover, inviting the public to participate in the stoning have been made by the Ghazvin Municipal Security Council or Showraye Tameen of Ghazvin. The news of the scheduled stoning has been published by the campaign activists on June 19, 2007.
Stop Stoning Forever