Myanmar: Petitions against the violent crackdown on peaceful protestors in Burma

Myanmar's military regime has faced weeks of peaceful protests sparked by a staggering increase in fuel prices in August. Buddhist monks and nuns, along with students and human rights activists, have emerged as leaders of the protest movement, which has now escalated into the biggest challenge to the junta in nearly two decades. The protestors are being subjected to daily violence, arrests and repression and the fatalities are rising.
Please find below information on two petitions regarding the current crackdown on activists and monks in Burma by the military. For further background to these attacks, please see here:[157]=x-157-557053

One petition originates from Human Rights First and the other from Avaaz. They are also being circulated by the Center for Women's Global Leadership (CWGL) and by WEAVE, one of the organisations supporting concerns in Burma based in Chiangmai. We encourage you to show your support by signing onto the petitions against the killings and attacks against women and other human rights defenders.

Women's Human Rights Defenders Network