Protect Human Rights Activist Sultana Kamal

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Sultana Kamal is a brave lawyer and activist standing up for human rights in Bangladesh. She’s not afraid to take the spotlight on national television and debate the need for fair justice and human rights for all of Bangladesh – men, women and children.

But peacefully expressing her opinion has gained her the attention of those who want to stifle such activities. She’s now been threatened with violence from Islamist group, Hefazat-e-Islam.

Unfortunately Sultana Kamal’s experience isn’t unusual – human rights defenders in Bangladesh frequently face surveillance, intimidation and harassment, and it is rare to see anyone brought to justice for violent attacks.

As fellow human rights supporters, we can’t let Sultana Kamal live with the threat of violence hanging over her every action. And your voice has power – last year we helped free another human rights activist in Bangladesh, Dilip Roy, who was imprisoned after he peacefully criticised the government.

Take action by emailing both the Inspector General of Police and the Minister of Home Affairs, demanding they ensure the safety of Sultana Kamal and investigate all threats made against her.

Read more of her story here.


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Amnesty International