UPDATE: Bangladesh: Continued attacks on the Ahmadiyya community

It is an indication of the worrying political trends in Bangladesh that the Bangladesh National Party-Jamaat-i-Islami alliance currently in power is one of the most right-wing elected governments in the country's history and yet even this government is unable to satisfy extremist politico-religious groups.
These extremists' mobilisation through brutality and shock tactics demonstrate they have no real popularity among the electorate. Civil society and human rights activists are seriously concerned as to the government's insensitivity and that its appears to encourage the extremists to act with impunity.
Fresh Khatme Nabuwat ultimatum

International Khatme Nabuwat Movement Bangladesh (IKNMB) yesterday threatened to oust the BNP-Jamaat government by any means necessary if it fails to pass a bill in the parliament declaring the Ahmadiyyas non-Muslims by December 23.

At an agitation rally at Nabisco Intersection in the capital after the Jumma prayers, the IKNMB leaders warned that the situation may go out of their control on December 23 when they will lay their scheduled siege to the Ahmadiyya Mosque at Bakshibazar in the city.

"We are ready to be martyred for upholding the dignity of our prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM), but shall not compromise with the government that assumed power in the name of Islam and now betraying us," said IKNMB Joint Secretary Maolana Abu Taher.

The leaders said political parties like Jamaat-e-Islami and Islami Oikya Jote, who always speak for Islam, failed to uphold the dignity of Hazrat Mohammad (SM) as they did not demand such a declaration in the parliament.

"If you cannot speak up in the parliament, leave the power," said IKNMB's central cabinet member Mufti Abdur Razzak, adding that December 23 is the last date and that the Muslims of the country will drag down the government from power without wasting any more time. Alhajj Noor Hossain, another leader of the organisation, alleged that the present government is pretending to sleep on the Ahmadiyya issue. The fact is that Britain, Israel and the European Union are backing the Ahmadiyyas and threatening the government with suspension of funding, he added.

"But we ask the BNP-Jamaat government whether we the Muslims of the country brought them to power or the Western forces did that for them," he said.

Presiding over the rally, IKNMB Ameer Maolana Mahmudul Hasan said the Omrah being observed by Prime Minister Khaleda Zia in Saudi Arabia could not be valid if she does not declare the Ahmadiyyas non-Muslims.

"The contradictory policy of respecting our prophet and not paying heed to the demands of the Muslims to declare the Ahmadiyyas non-Muslims is a betrayal to Islam," Mahmudul Hasan said. He conducted an oath where several thousand Muslims pledged to continue their movement until December 23 demanding the declaration by the government.

IKNMB's Central Nayebe Ameer Enayetullah Abbasi, central members Maolana Ruhul Amin and Mamtazul Karim also spoke.

Originally published in The Daily Star, Sat. October 29, 2005