Who Cares About Stoning? Online Photo Campaign

WLUML would like to thank everyone who has supported our global Stop Stoning Women campaign – thanks to you we are nearing our goal and have now reached 8691 signatures from supporters worldwide!

Our aim is to reach a critical mass of 10,000 signatures so that we can send a strong, unified message to the UN and push for a resolution on stoning and the eradication of this brutal practice that disproportionately targets women, ongoing in 15 countries around the world.

Today we are launching an exciting new campaign in order to spread the word on this continuing form of torture and violence against women, and to share your unique thoughts and voices with all of our followers - please support the Who Cares About Stoning? I do photography campaign!

Let the world know why you care about stopping this form of brutality!

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The ‘Who Cares about Stoning?’ photography initiative will showcase all of the reasons why women around the world care that this brutal practice continues in the present day through personalized photos, or videos.  On October 11th, the International Day of the Girl, we will launch all of your words and images online to raise awareness of this issue and galvanize supporters into action.

What do YOU need to do?

1)      Think about why it is important to you that we stop stoning women.

2)      Take a photo of yourself with a message telling us why you care about ending the practice of stoning.

3)      OR upload a video saying why you care about stopping stoning.

4)      Send it to us at Yasmin@wluml.org 

5)      Spread the word!


Don’t Forget to tell us:

1.       Your personal reason for caring about stopping stoning

2.       Optional: Name and/or country of residence

Once you have completed these simple steps we will share your pictures and videos on the WLUML website, Facebook and Twitter to spread the message that stoning women must stop! 

Check out our current entries in our Facebook album