Sexual/reproductive rights & health

Customary and religious laws and practices are often used as tools to control women's sexuality and to maintain the imbalance of power in sexual relations. This paper describes customary and religious laws and beliefs, and their impact on the situation of both rural and urban women in Eastern Turkey, based on a study among 599 women from the region, most of whom are or have been married.
Protest in Washington DC in support of abortion rights.
The US has threatened to withdraw from the Cairo Programme of Action of 1994 unless the words reproductive health services and reproductive rights are taken out or changed. This is a shocking development which is a threat to women’s rights and health.
Israel has decided to tackle its "demographic problem" head-on.
Womens Access to Health Campaign: Health For All, Health For Women!
The World Bank, IMF, OECD and the United Nations have dropped the goal to 'make accessible, through the primary health care system, reproductive health to all individuals of appropriate ages as soon as possible and no later than the year 2015.'

The dilemma of the Iranian regime in dealing with one of its very successful large scale public mobilizations in the seemingly innocuous activity of low-income women delivering basic health and family planning information.

Research and writing about women and Muslim communities, the role & attitude of the state towards religious authority, the contemporary status of Islamist social movements and so on.

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