discrimination against women

GENEVA (1 April 2015) – Tanzania should take steps to revise or repeal laws, customs and practices that discriminate against women, a UN Committee has said after considering the case of two widows who were prevented from inheriting their late husbands’ property and were left homeless. 

KABUL, Afghanistan — The acting head of women’s affairs in Laghman Province in eastern Afghanistan was shot to death in daylight on Monday as she was traveling to work.It was the second time in less than six months that the person holding that post has been assassinated. In the latest attack, two assailants on a motorcycle gunned down Najia Sediqi, the acting head, as she was getting into a rickshaw in Mehtar Lam, the provincial capital, according to Ahmad Gul Baidar, the head of administrative affairs for the women’s department.

 قالت ناشطة سعودية إنها رفعت دعوى قضائية الاثنين ضد وزارة الداخلية ممثلة بالادارة العامة للمرور، تطالب فيها بالغاء القرار الاداري القاضي بمنع المراة من حق الحصول على رخصة قيادة السيارة.

GENEVA (18 October 2012) –In many countries of the world, adultery continues to be a crime punishable by severe penalties, including, in the most extreme instances, flogging, death by stoning, or hanging. Adultery laws have usually been drafted and almost always implemented in a manner prejudicial to women. Provisions in penal codes often do not treat women and men equally and establish harsher sanctions for women, and in some countries, rules of evidence value women’s testimony as half that of a man’s.

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