Campaign for increasing community responsiveness against gender based discrimination and violence - a project by Baidarie Sialkot, Pakistan

The project was designed to address the issue of gender based violence against women that has become an endemic in Pakistani society and is taking a very heavy toll on the confidence, self-esteem and physical, mental and psychological health and even life of the targeted girls and women. It aimed at elimination /mitigation of the effects of the below listed factors that become instrumental in pacing up the discriminatory and violent behavior and conduct against women.

o   Over 3000 male and female human/women Rights activists from all walks of life  through becoming signatories of the on-line and on-paper petitions got awareness about the impacts of gender based discriminations and violence. The on-line petition which was the first ever practiced   campaign mode in Pakistan to invite people to raise collective voice in favour of making laws for protecting women from domestic violence also contributed in sensitizing about the role they may/should play for taking pro-active steps for elimination of this menace. 

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